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My Services

Estate Administration and Probate

I concentrate on Estate Administration. This is the process of collecting and managing assets of a decedent, paying just claims and taxes, and distributing the remaining property to heirs and legatees.

Trust Drafting, Administration and Litigation

 Creating a trust is an excellent way to make sure your wishes for your estate division are carried out smoothly. I will make sure your beneficiaries receive property according to your instructions in the trust. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning allows you to anticipate and arrange for the management and transfer/disposal of your estate during your life and after your death. I will work with you to maximize your control and minimize your gift, estate, generation skipping, and income tax.

Tax Returns and Representation

I prepare the necessary tax returns for an estate: Form 1040 (a decedent's short year income tax return), Form 1041 (the Estate's income tax return), and Form 706 (the decedent's Estate and Generation Skipping Transfer tax return). I also provide tax fraud services, defined as a taxing authority accusing you of under-reporting your taxes in any way (such as falsely reporting your earnings, inflating your expenses, or claiming undeserved deductions.

Appellate Advocacy

Were you unhappy with a verdict the jury delivered? Is someone challenging a decision a judge made in your favor ? Contact me immediately because time is of the essence to perfecting an appeal. I work hard to appeal or defend the court's ruling, depending on your situation. Don't stress about trying to prove your argument yourself. Let me take on your stress and worry. As your appeals attorney, I will do all of the following and so much more:

  • Comb through the documents from the lower courts
  • Look for any reversible errors that may have influenced the ruling
  • Develop an airtight strategy for your appeal
  • If there's reversible error in the lower court record, you can trust me to find it.

Accounting Malpractice

If you need to pursue an accounting malpractice lawsuit reach out to The Law Office of Alphonse A. Talarico. I was employed as an accountant and auditor before I became a lawyer. I understand how accounting matters should be handled. Whether you're suing or are being sued by another party, you can count on me to properly prepare your case. 

The State of Illinois recognizes a cause of action for accounting/accountant malpractice. This means you can file a lawsuit without worrying about negative consequences. I can help you with any type of accounting malpractice lawsuit, including those involving:

  • Fraud
  • CPA mistakes
  • Inventory errors
  • Tax returns
  • Improperly audited financial statements
  • Late filing or failure to file

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